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This machine is suitable for the molding, positioning overprinting, positioning hollowing, and positioning hot stamping of sheet laser trademarks and equidistant labels on rolls

The main technical features of this machine are: the entire machine adopts PLC automatic control, which has been improved from the original half layout principle of the molding machine to equidistant molding. This effectively solves the connection of positioning trademark supporting equipment. By using this type of equidistant positioning tracking molding machine, it is easy to achieve precise connection of positioning overprinting, continuous punching of positioning, and positioning labeling process technology

Main features of this machine:

1. Automatic deviation correction and unwinding, with small deviation in winding and straightening

2. PLC intelligent temperature control

3. Automatic shutdown function for broken plate and film

4. Free adjustment of plate seam

5. Reasonable structural design, flexible and convenient disassembly

Main technical parameters:

Working width: 330mm

Stamping speed: 1500-3000 plates/hour

Motion mode: stepper motor, precision ball screw guide rail

Control system: PLC control software

Retractable diameter: 250MM

Heating temperature: 80-120 degrees

Total power: 3KW

Hydraulic pressure: 2.5mpa

Positioning system: encoder control

Self cleaning method: dust removal roller

Installation size: 1750 * 1150 * 1700mm

Weight: 800kg