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This machine belongs to our company's independently developed, innovative, and practical wide format splicing model.

The main technical features of this machine are: the entire machine adopts PLC fully automatic control and composition function, which can achieve precise automatic layout technology for positioning, misalignment, tilting, and space reversal. The assembly accuracy reaches 0.01mm; Ensure that there are no seam marks on the layout, which can display the best wide single page effect. This machine is intuitive and convenient to operate, with high precision of plate assembly, stable and reliable performance, and is equipped with Electrostatic precipitator equipment to ensure that the layout is clean and tidy.

Main technical parameters:

1. Maximum assembly size: 680mm × 1200mm (depending on the size of the substrate)

2. Assembly accuracy: 0.01mm

3. Assembly function: Misalignment, slanting, and inverted spaces

4 Speed: 3/min

5. Control method: PLC computer automatic control, Windows operation interface

6. Mold: Maximum unit 50mm * 50mm

7. Power supply: 380V/3KW

8. Appearance: 2000mm × 1400 mm × 1900mm

9. Net weight: 2T