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This machine is a specialized nickel plate system, process equipment, strong replication function, high fidelity performance for laser holographic molding machine production line, laser holographic, cat's eye film deep pattern production line, ensuring high-quality machine working plate and master plate for subsequent molding. High frequency DC output One machine can produce two versions simultaneously Two sets of systems work independently Simultaneously, it can independently control different currents

1: The basic components are as follows:

1 main body: 1 PP groove inside the 304 stainless steel shell

2 centrifugal filtration pumps, 5T, one set

3 electric heaters, 1 2KW

4 anode rods, 1 piece

5 chemical liquids, nickel blocks.

6 anode titanium baskets 3-5

7 high-frequency electronic control cabinets: 1 initial 3-stage constant current electronic control rectifier 15V100A * 2 (PLC version 10.4 Siemens touch screen) Siemens PLC200 series

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9. Hanger 1300 * 900 * 5 2 pieces

Technical parameters:

Power supply voltage: AC 380V Rated power: 5KW

Maximum working current: DC 100A * 2 groups Maximum working voltage: 15V

Maximum cathode area: 1300 × 900mm plating tank volume: 600L

Bath temperature: room temperature 38~55 ℃ ampere hour setting: 0-999.9 Ampere-hour

External dimensions of plating tank: 2200 × one thousand and four hundred × 800mm electric control overall dimension: 600 × four hundred and fifty × 1700mm

Weight: 800kg