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I、 Machine Usage: This machine is suitable for transparent or aluminum PET film (with coating) , thickness : 50um~200um, and PVC with a thickness of 80um~300um. This machine mainly embossing   holographic laser films,   laser beads films, packaging films, and other fields. first need make the design that you want to embossing into the nickel plate.   then embossing the films, then we can get the holographic effect, It is a practical new specialized equipment for decoration emerging materials that can not only prevent counterfeiting but also display prominent brands and exquisite and unique effects.

1、 The main innovation points of this machine are:

① We have independently developed an integrated "holographic laser molding machine structure", which is a five roller combination pressure roller, including devices for transmission, thermal imprinting of holographic images, cooling, rewinding, and unwinding. One stop operation replaces decentralized operation, reducing the connection of supporting equipment, saving labor and energy consumption, and achieving significant environmental protection

② Adopting sandwich roller imprinting technology to improve laser resolution and productivity

③ This machine adopts a PLC control system with high motion accuracy at present. We independently develop a unwinding system with deviation correction control, which automatically corrects and locates the deviation generated by the material to be pressed during transmission. We independently develop a fast system for connected heating and cooling to ensure that the surface temperature of the imprinting roller is stable at ± 2 ℃. We ensure that the material to be pressed does not deform due to temperature, and improve yield

1050 holographic laser molding machine configuration

Machine name: Q/CKLJ5-1050 Laser Rainbow Holographic Wide Width Hard Press.

Unwinding - pressure sensing - left pressing - right pressing - cooling traction - rewinding

Technical parameter one

Imprinting material: PET thickness 50-250um

Maximum unwinding diameter: 700mm

Maximum winding diameter: 700mm

Stamping speed: 20-60m/min

Maximum mechanical speed: 70m/min

Tension control range: 3-25kgf

Main drive motor: 7.5KW

Winding drive motor: 7.5KW

Installed capacity: 55KW

Working power supply: AC380 three-phase five wire

Compressed air: 0.3-0.8MPa

Hydraulic press: 1 set, pressure 1-10MPa

Host size: 1050 5500mmX2000mmX1600mm