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This machine mainly embossing seamless laser film with "pillar laser , rainbow, and irregular patterns", seamless laser transfer film, and can embossing BOPP PET CPP PE seam laser film. PET seamless laser film also can be embossed. You can also emboss BOPP seamless laser film( film emboss fim). CPP glitter film. Multifunctional machine. Applied in fields such as tobacco and alcohol packaging.

I. Machine embossing function

BOPP PET Seamless laser (film emboss film) or nickel plate emboss ,   thickness :15um 50um

PET nickel   plate embossing (with coating), thickness: 12150 um

CPP PE PVC embossed nickel plate embossing giltte film. Thickness :30200 um

II. technical parameter

Effective width: 1000-2000mm

Maximum winding and un winding diameter: 600mm

Winding and unwinding mechanism: dual axis and dual workstation, material roll paper core: inner diameter 76mm

Embossing speed: 10-60m/min

Maximum mechanical speed: 80m/min

Tension control range: 3-25kgf

Main drive motor: 1.8KW+3.0KW+3.0KW

Winding drive motor: 2.2KW

Total installed capacity power: 55KW, normal operation power approximately 25KW

Working power supply: AC380V three-phase five wire

Air source pressure: 0.7MPa

Hydraulic press: 1 set, pressure 1-8MPa

Pattern embossing roller : Oil pressure method

Pattern embossing roller ; circumference 612mm-620mm

Heating : Electric heating oil, with a maximum temperature of 220 ℃ (oil temperature)

Cooling : cold water cooling