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1、 Machine applications: TFT-LED liquid crystal display film, brightener, diffuser, greenhouse film, laser cat's eye hard COAING, ITO film anti scratch protection film, mobile phone anti scratch protection film, PC/PP film anti scratch protection layer, SOLAR solar cell/organic sensitizer material coating, UV antioxidant coating, spotlight film, LED lighting/brightener film, diffuser film, anti glare film, lens film, etc, (Note: This machine belongs to one of the supporting equipment types for producing the above materials.).

The main technical features of this machine: This machine is suitable for plate mounting and roll to roll embossing special equipment. The entire machine adopts human-machine interface+PLC+servo control, and has a UV curing system, saving labor and energy costs. The plate roller can be quickly replaced, and different materials can be directly formed. The quality reaches high gloss and lens effects, and continuous embossing is stable, and the film surface will not wrinkle, achieving production yield

II technical parameter

Effective width: 1200mm

Maximum winding diameter: 600mm

Winding and unwinding mechanism: single axis and single station, material roll paper core: inner diameter 76mm

Stamping speed: 5-50m/min

Maximum mechanical speed: 60m/min

Tension control range: 3-25kgf

Main drive motor: 3KW+3.0KW

Winding drive motor: 2.2KW * level 6

Total installed capacity: 50KW, normal operation approximately 35KW

Working power supply: AC380V three-phase five wire

Air source pressure: 0.7MPa

UV curing: 2 sets of mercury lamps, 14KW * 2 sets

Pressing method; Pneumatic mode

Pressure roller configuration; Diameter 180mm-250 mm

UV control method; Follow stepless dimming

UV cooling method: using cold water cooling, equipped with a chiller, 12 horsepower

Host size: 4600mmx2200mx2600mm