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This machine is suitable for PVC, PP, EVA roll full sky star, cat's eye, and deep grain local laser series films, with an imprinting thickness of 80-400um. The working principle is to heat and transfer any deep grain local laser images or embossing roller plates pre etched on the metal plate onto the film material.

The main technical features of this machine are: the entire machine adopts PLC human-machine interface automatic control, which will not leak oil when quickly exchanging different specifications of plates. The joints of the working plate will not expand due to heat, and it has a multi-purpose function, achieving clear 3D resolution and extremely high diffraction effect, improving product yield, reducing manpower, and significantly saving energy costs.

The materials produced by this machine are widely used in the fields of new materials such as reflective film, golden onion film, electrostatic adhesive free glass film, shower curtains, handicrafts, stationery, backpacks, children's clothing, handbags, etc.

II technical parameter

Effective width: 1350mm

Maximum winding diameter: 600mm

Winding and unwinding mechanism: dual axis and dual workstation, material roll paper core: inner diameter 76mm

Stamping speed: 0.5-5m/min

Maximum mechanical speed: 7m/min

Tension control range: 3-25kgf

Main drive motor: 1.5KW+1.50KW+4.0KW

Winding drive motor: 2.2KW * level 6

Total installed capacity: 80KW, normal operation approximately 45KW

Working power supply: AC380V three-phase five wire

Air source pressure: 0.7MPa

Hydraulic press: 1 set, pressure 1-8MPa

Pressing method; Oil pressure method

Pattern configuration; Metal ring plate diameter 780-850mm (provided by the demander)

Heating method; Electromagnetic roller heating, maximum temperature 320 ℃

Cooling method: using cold water cooling, equipped with a chiller, 6 horsepower

Host size: feeding group 2800mmx2200mx2000mm

Embossing group 3200mmx3000mx1500mm

Device Configuration

The main drive is equipped with a variable frequency motor from Japan's Yaskawa brand,

The control system is equipped with PLC and human-machine interface using Siemens.

Schneider for low-voltage apparatus.

Auxiliary insulation cover, infrared tube

One electromagnetic roller controller

One 6P chiller

Two barrels of hydraulic oil (to be provided separately by the purchaser).